Our Mission

“Inspiring Hope and Changing Lives One Family at a Time.”

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the charge by providing quality mental and behavioral healthcare within our local communities and abroad;
Ultimately becoming a legacy in service to humanity.

Our Philosophy

Creative Change Counseling has adopted a philosophy that all human beings are fortified with innate potential that often lies dormant in the face of health-related challenges, everyday life stressors and unrealized capabilities. Individuals are more likely to realize and experience their full potential when provided with the inspiration, nurture, support, skills, and self-awareness necessary to ascend above these obstacles.

Creative Change Counseling is a non-profit organization that provides mental and behavioral health services in New Jersey, Delaware and North Carolina that serves individuals who are struggling with mild to severe emotional, psychological, behavioral, and substance abuse challenges.

Our dedicated and well-qualified team of professionals provide up-to-date and effective evidence-based treatment to ensure individuals can optimize their recovery and reach their full potential. Treatment is tailored and individualized based upon the specific needs of client, using a continuum of care model driven by risks, needs, and responsivity.

  • To assist individuals with mild to severe emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges reach optimal levels of functioning by galvanizing their innate talents, strengths, and abilities so that they can experience the fullness of healthy and productive functioning.
  • To ensure that each individual is prepared to become self-sustaining, highly functional, and independently capable of developing and sustaining a positive, healthy, and productive lifestyle.
  • To increase the quality of life of our clients by instilling hope and transforming that hope into an active potential.