Receive Care Within Your Natural Environment

Our Intensive In-Community (IIC) treatment and Behavioral Support Services (BSS) are designed specifically for children and adolescents who are potentially at risk of being removed from their homes and/or their natural communities. These services are designed to focus on the emotional, mental, and behavioral health needs of the youth and their family to increase overall functioning.

As a part of the integrated service plan, Creative Change Counseling has the ability to ensure continuity of care by transitioning individuals receiving IIC services to our mental health outpatient program without changing their assigned therapists. This helps address our clients’ unique needs in one breath throughout the course of their treatment without retelling their story or wasting treatment gain.

Our behavioral healthcare professionals can conduct behavioral assessments and therapy in the comfort of our clients’ homes. We provide goal-oriented interventions that are intended to support our clients’ needs while remaining in their communities.


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